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Cross-Origin Resource Sharing in Practice

303 words · 19 Oct 2013

This is a quick summary of what is required by the client and server for CORS with credentials.


At a minimum, your server needs to set these headers on the responses:

Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE
Access-Control-Allow-Headers: accept, content-type
Access-Control-Allow-Credentials: true

If the request origin is allowed, Access-Control-Allow-Origin must contain the host. A value of * is allowed, but an explicit host is required when used in combination with Access-Control-Allow-Credentials.

The Access-Control-Allow-Methods contains the methods that are allowed to be requested by the client. In pre-flight requests, the client may send a Access-Control-Request-Method header which specifies the method the follow-up request will be.

Access-Control-Allow-Headers must contain the headers that are allowed to be sent in the request. Fortunately, browsers send a Access-Control-Request-Headers header which contains the request headers the client wants to send in the request. If the server doesn't care which headers are allowed, this can simply be echoed back in Access-Control-Allow-Headers.

The Access-Control-Allow-Credentials allows the client to send user credentials i.e. "cookies, HTTP authentication, and client-side SSL certifciates". Note, if the server does not want to support user credentials, this header should be omitted.


This assumes you are using jQuery 1.5.1+. When sending an XMLHttpRequest, the withCredentials flag must be set to have the browser send credentials in the request. As noted above, if the Access-Control-Allow-Credentials header is not present, the browser will complain.

    xhrFields: {
        withCredentials: true

For a more transparent way to ensure these settings are defined for outgoing requests, register an Ajax prefilter to augment the settings prior to the request being sent out:

$.ajaxPrefilter(function(settings) {
    settings.xhrFields = {
        withCredentials: true

Internet Explorer Caveat. CORS support prior to version 10 is limited.. meaning it won't work in most cases.