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Notes: How to Keep Your Data Safe in MongoDB

234 words · 30 Aug 2013

Notes from watching How to Keep Your Data Safe in MongoDB

  • Client-server interaction
    • Client sends a write operation to server
    • Received by server's TCP stack
    • MongoDB process queues write
    • Write happens in memory
    • Depending on what 'Write Concern' asks for
      • Respond immediately
      • Wait for data to be journaled, then respond
  • Possible issues
    • Network can go down
      • Client doesn't know
    • Write could fail for a logical reason
      • Unique key exception
    • Server could crash
      • Pre-journaled - write is done
      • Post-journaled - write is safe
    • Bottom line: using a single server is risky
  • Replica sets
    • Replication is async
    • Full copy of data
    • N nodes
    • Write concern (_w_) defines the number nodes data must be written to before verifying the write is safe
      • Arbitrary number e.g. 2 nodes
      • Simple majority i.e. N/2 + 1 (preferred)
    • Nodes can be tagged with key/value pairs
      • region=us-east,color=blue
      • Used to force a write behavior
    • Nodes can have priority, i.e. which are primary
  • Product should give you the choices for your semantics
    • Fundamental different operations in application, i.e. write concern
  • Observe error messages, make sure they match your assumptions
  • Use arbiter to break simple majoriy ties to prevent read-only mode
    • 2 centers x 2 nodes + 1 arbiter (no data required)