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Performance Review

376 words · 21 Aug 2013

Dilbert Performance Review

I like performance reviews. There are two key areas I make sure are addressed while having one.

Expectations. If I suck at something, I generally want to know about it so I can improve. This is especially important if you are expected to perform well at something. This could also unveil some assumed expectations your boss had, that you did not. You should talk about this since it will only ever get worse and more difficult to talk about and fix later.

Interests. It is crucial that your job overlaps with at least some of your personal interests. Otherwise you are wasting everyone's time. Let someone do your job who cares about it. There is a good chance they will do a better job than you anyway. That all being said, try to align your job with your interests if possible. If there are ways to incorporate your interests while still being relevant to your team's goal/mission, talk about it. Both you and your boss may be surprised.

One other note. Before going into one, write down some goals you have for yourself and as an employee. It will help with the above assessments and make you accountable for something which leads to personal growth. Here were mine from my recent review:

- development practices
    - create tickets simply for documentation
        - move thoughts out of my head onto something concrete
    - document non-automated processes (if they can't be scripted) early on
- domain knowledge
    - mongodb
    - golang
- lead open source community building efforts
    - define template for building a community
        - every community is different
    - help lead the project get the building started
        - work with PR if project leads don't want to or don't have time
    - track and document what works and what doesn't for reference
    - 10 users for [Harvest](
        - external or non-related internal
- Harvest
    - lead vision by creating and managing tickets so others can contribute
    - social integration
        - sharing queries
        - discussion/commentary
        - seamless transition between authenticated users and public users
            - increase adoption from external people
    - data profiling
        - analysis for developers or data maintainers before making data public
    - administrative UI
    - harvest 3.0??

Happy reviewing.