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Electronic Communication Etiquette

193 words · 08 May 2011

If you send me a text message, don't call a minute later

Text messages are supposed to be short and to the point. If I don't reply, it's because I have not looked at it yet or I don't want to talk you.. it's not because I didn't recieve it.

If you call me and leave a voicemail, don't text me a minute later

Calling and leaving a voicemail implies the message was too long to type as a text message. Don't text me to tell me I have a voicemail.. my phone is very capable of serving that function. Once again, If I don't call back, it is because I have not listened to the voicemail or I don't want to talk to you.

If you send me an email, don't text me to say you emailed me

If you send me an email, this has less priority than a text message or a phone call, so don't expect an immediate reply. Sending me a text message to tell me you sent me an email completely confuses my understanding of the importance of the email, so don't do that.